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  1. Top 5 Tips for Writing a great talk abstract

    • public speaking
    • personal development
    • conferences

    Ever thought about submitting a talk to speak at a conference? Submitted but not been successful and wondered why? Read on for some tips that might help!

  2. My Goals for 2022

    • Personal Development
    • 2022
    • Goals
    • Goal Setting

    Every January I take time out to plan what my goals will be for the year. So what are my goals for 2022?

  3. I started a newsletter!

    • Newlsetter
    • Personal
    • ADHD
    • Life
    • Productivity
    • Health

    I have news (title is a TOTAL spoiler I know)..I started a newsletter!

  4. Troubleshooting Webhooks in Contentful

    • Webhooks
    • Contentful
    • Learning
    • Troubleshooting

    I recently learned about combining webhooks with If This Then That (IFTTT) and Contentful to automatically post a tweet whenever I publish a new blog post. But I faced some issues and didn't really know how to troubleshoot. This is what I learned!

  5. Why productivity reminds me of plants

    • Life
    • Productivity
    • Motivation
    • Momentum
    • Life Management
    • Plants

    Thanks to my mum, I recently got some plants in the garden and it got me thinking about the similarities to productivity. Confused? Read on...

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