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  1. VS Code and the .NET MAUI Extension - Path to Success

    • dotnet maui
    • mobile development
    • software development
    • tooling
    • vs code

    The new .NET MAUI extension for VS Code is super cool. Especially if you have a Mac, with the recent news of the retiring of VS for Mac. But there are a lot of moving parts and sometimes it can be painful to get running or will sometimes stop working. This article discusses some reasons for this and how to set yourself up for success!

  2. Keeping Azure Functions .NET versions up to date

    • Visual Studio 2022
    • Azure Functions
    • Cloud Development

    I recently tried to create a new Azure Function within Visual Studio 2022 and wondered why the .NET version options didn't go beyond .NET 6. I discovered the solution and wanted to share.

  3. Adding iOS Simulators to Xcode install

    • mobile app development
    • iOS Simulators

    Have you ever gone to run iOS Simulators via Xcode or the Simulator app directly on your Mac and found that the device list is empty?

    This happened to me and in this post I share the solution.

  4. Azure login error in GitHub Actions

    • GitHub
    • CI/CD
    • Software Development
    • DevOps
    • GitHub Actions

    I recently kept hitting the same error with GitHub Actions the first time I deploy a new fork of a repo. I wanted to log the solution.

  5. I can't believe I'm writing this

    • Personal
    • Grief
    • Depression

    There are some things in life you never really expect to ever experience and one of those happened to me.

  6. VS Code CLI Tip: Open in the same window

    • tips
    • software development
    • cli
    • tooling
    • vscode
    • web development

    I recently learned of a nifty flag for the vscode CLI command that not many people realise in an existing window!

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