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I started a newsletter!

Hey friends,

How are you? I know it's been a while, sorry!

I have news (title is a TOTAL spoiler I know)..I started a newsletter!

It is called "Thursday Thoughts from an ADHDer". The aim is to try and release every Thursday at 8pm UK Time (currently we are in BST) and share with you my journey to controlling my ADHD as a newly diagnosed patient.

We will discuss how my medication is going, other things that might be helping and other exciting content such as my favourite interests of the week from songs to books and my proud achievement of that week! We all need to celebrate ourselves more so we can go back and enjoy the reminders when Impostor Syndrome hits.

The newsletter will arrive straight to your email inbox so all you have to do is enter your email here.

You can of course unsubscribe anytime but hopefully you will enjoy the small tidbits from my life, take this journey with me and help me shape it into something awesome!


Luce Carter

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