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Non-code Youtubers I enjoy

Non-code Youtubers I enjoy

Let's face it, this year has been unexpected! I never expected to barely leave the house. I live alone and am great with my own company, in fact it is very important to me. But I still used to visit the office most days, see friends at the weekends at least once a month etc. This is a whole new level of alone.

But all this free time has meant I have more time to watch Youtube and this year I have made an effort to watch more than just tech or code videos.

The category I found myself watching most was Games. Usually series on games or recordings of streamers on Twitch, who share clips on Youtube afterwards. So this is just an ever evolving list of some of the content creators I have enjoyed most this year.

Freya Nightingale/Freyz Plays - I have been watching Freya for a couple of years now but this year she has upped her game even more with regular clips from streams of her playing Among Us and other games. I play Among Us some weekends with friends so it's great to watch the clips from creators who play all the time, and find ways to make it more funny with silly rules for a round or a 'crewmate' helping an Imposter. Her videos have given me ideas I have suggested to my group or given me tips on what I can do to be a better imposter! She also has a non-gaming channel where she does more lifestyle and review type videos. Great, harmless content when you want to switch off after a long day! :)

Life with Malamutes - Youtube recommended this channel to me after one of their videos with their newborn baby girl went viral and I have been hooked ever since. I grew up with dogs and often prefer animals to people. I also have a soft spot for them because they live a few miles from me and I hope to meet up with them when Corona calms down.

If you love dogs, a fluffy cat that thinks its a dog and watching an adorable baby grow up and bond with her pack, this is the channel for you! They post most days so there is always something to look forward to. The content varies as well, sometimes it is about baby Amelia and the dogs, sometimes just the dogs. It feels like they are friends and who doesn't need that right now?!

Ali Abdaal - This one was borderline if it qualifies for this list or not. Ali is a qualified doctor who does a lot of videos on productivity and productivity tech. I actually followed one of his videos to create the Productivity Dashboard in Notion I use which you may have seen me demo in a video on my Youtube video.

Geekism - Specialising in simulation, management and creative type games, Geekism is a great watch for someone like me who loves these types of games but it is too terrible to make much progress. I can enjoy watching locations/stories develop without the frustration of failure.

Sorted Food - Another channel I discovered before 2020 but I haven't missed an episode this year, SortedFood is great for those of us who love to cook. It's inspired me to be more inventive with cupboard ingredients, try making my own pasta and back when I could at least leave the house and venture to the supermarket, give Beef Wellington a go!

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