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  1. Why productivity reminds me of plants

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    Thanks to my mum, I recently got some plants in the garden and it got me thinking about the similarities to productivity. Confused? Read on...

  2. Non-code Youtubers I enjoy

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    Let's face it, this year has been unexpected! I never expected to barely leave the house. I live alone and am great with my own company, in fact it is very important to me. But I still used to visit the office most days, see friends at the weekends at least once a month etc. This is a whole new level of alone.

    But all this free time has meant I have more time to watch Youtube and this year I have made an effort to watch more than just tech or code videos.

  3. Trip to Microsoft Build - Day 3 - Meeting Motz!!

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    Welcome back everyone to Post 3 about my trip to Seattle and Microsoft Build. This post covers one of my favourite days at Build, Day 3 aka Sunday and the day I met James Montemagno! I have been talking to James quite a lot this past year but we have never had chance to meet.

  4. Review of 2019 (with a bit of a look ahead to 2020)

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    I don't often do reviews of the year. But with the decade ending and a lot changing in 2019, in terms of the content I create specifically, it seemed like a good idea!